Posts Which Explain Our Story

If you’re a new reader, and would like to “skip to the good stuff”….this page contains links to the blog posts explaining K’s story, and a couple written by different K’s.

The Lost Blog Post (history of our mental health as told by a different K)

Major Breakthrough or Break From Reality?  (K admits she is a multiple for the first time)

The Discovered Diaries  (clues to our past and present)

The Mystery Blog Post  (written by a different K)

Help From Afar  (an email from the ex-boyfriend to my husband, regarding my switching)

Peeling Off An Old Label  (life-changing news about our diagnosis)

How I Became A Walking Drugstore  (a breakdown of our past diagnoses)

How To Be Our Friend  (tips on how to get to know us)

What’s Wrong With Us?  (we talk about Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Another Day, Another K  (switching)

My Own Reality Show  (what it’s like inside our head)