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The Side Effects of Sanity

Medication side effects-especially those caused by our psychiatric medications-can be so severe that it makes us want to throw all our meds away.  You can’t even imagine how bad it is unless you’ve… Continue reading

Miss Me? Aim Better Next Time

The rumors are all true, people. I’m back online after what seems like many many months but which I’ve been told was really only a few days. I hate to admit it, but… Continue reading

Our Brain Has Been Raped

I should be at a loss for words and a loss for thoughts. Yesterday I was subjected to 6 hours of psychological testing and interviews.  This was round 2 of testing for me. … Continue reading

The Great Panic Attack of 2012

Date: Monday, August 6, 2012;  Location:  My backyard, on my porch, inside my house;  Witnesses: 3, including my husband’s best friend;  Humiliation factor=high My mother is having surgery today.  Naturally, I’m nervous.  But… Continue reading

Mental and Self-Medicating

Self-medication is a term used to describe the use of drugs (including alcohol) or other self-soothing forms of behavior, such as shopping or sex, to treat untreated and often undiagnosed mental distress,  anxiety… Continue reading

A Triggering Tale

This will be a triggering post for me to write but we feel it’s important to K’s sanity (whatever amount she may have left) that we discuss this subject.  I’m going to write… Continue reading

An Animated Day

Today (Wednesday) has been quite a trying day, but interesting at least. We were supposed to be at therapy at 9:30 this morning.  I found out around 9:00 that the car wouldn’t crank.… Continue reading

About a Wedding

I spent most of  yesterday in bed, sleeping, in an attempt to recover from my exhausting weekend. But oh, what a weekend it was!  On Friday, I drove my husband and my mother… Continue reading

Look & Listen

Currently hallucinating. Watching the shadows of people in my kitchen move across the floor. Only no one is in my kitchen.  Am simultaneously listening to all the noise coming from the living room…sounds… Continue reading


We’ve been struggling.  We feel terribly guilty, but we can’t remember what it is we did wrong.  I can’t figure out who I’m supposed to be today.  The Good Daughter is taking care… Continue reading