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Sharing the Truth

Found: writings dated Thursday, March 14, 2013 Therapy was so productive today that I feel it is imperative to blog about it, mainly so that we (the K’s) can read it later and… Continue reading

The Comeback of The Kellie

Just found this short bit of writing while scouring our notebooks and could immediately tell it was authored by The Kellie. Based upon the words and drawings surrounding it, I’d guess it was… Continue reading

An Email From A Stranger Makes Us Smile

We were cleaning out my inbox and found this email we’d all totally forgotten about.  It’s from someone who found our blog while searching for info on dermatillomania/CSP.  It’s dated January 26, 2013.… Continue reading

The K’s Get A Voice

So… It seems that The K’s have been busy this week. (To be honest I can’t tell if it’s been days or months)  Actually, we can’t remember when this all started, or whose… Continue reading

Miss Me? Aim Better Next Time

The rumors are all true, people. I’m back online after what seems like many many months but which I’ve been told was really only a few days. I hate to admit it, but… Continue reading

Reality Check

Woke up and found this note on the nightstand. It was written in all capital letters in an unfamiliar handwriting, and was on a piece of stationery I’ve never seen before and can’t… Continue reading

A Prozac Poem

I’m reading some old diaries/journals.  I just found this poem… not sure which K wrote it since I don’t recognize the handwriting,  but it’s dated June 2006. Writing just to keep from thinking… Continue reading

Mini Meltdown

I had a bad day Friday…I’m pretty sure it all started when I forgot to take my meds. Apparently this new medicine I’m on really affects me if I miss a dose. I’ll… Continue reading

Psyched To Be Here

I had therapy Wednesday.  The only reason I know that is because it’s written on my calendar, and I look at my calendar weekly because I need to know when I have to… Continue reading

Trying to Remember, Trying to Heal

“There are some remedies worse than the disease.”  ~Publilius Syrus I fear this may apply to me.  I’ve been attempting, in therapy, to recover from my traumatic past.  I don’t believe that I… Continue reading