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Glitter’s Homework

Earlier tonight, Husband and I chatted for what seemed a long time, and we talked about things of a serious nature, important things, having perhaps even life-changing type discussions about his new business… Continue reading

A Friend Forgotten

Last night we got a surprise visit from a friend we’d not seen in over a year.  It was totally unexpected and we were simultaneously happy and shocked…and confused.  When he called and… Continue reading

Assessing the Damage

Where do we begin? The day before yesterday we were subjected to 5.5 hours of psychological testing.  We feel as though our brain has been raped.  Still triggered by some of the questions… Continue reading

The Great Panic Attack of 2012

Date: Monday, August 6, 2012;  Location:  My backyard, on my porch, inside my house;  Witnesses: 3, including my husband’s best friend;  Humiliation factor=high My mother is having surgery today.  Naturally, I’m nervous.  But… Continue reading

Alone With Our Thoughts

I’ve only had one meal and 2 hours’ sleep in the past two days.  Husband’s out of town and I’m feeling alone and vulnerable yet I’m oddly hyper and my brain is going… Continue reading

My Own Reality Show

It’s hard work being more than one “entity” and sharing a brain.  I’m mentally & physically & emotionally exhausted.  I’d like nothing more than to open up my skull, remove my brain, and… Continue reading

Conversations Inside My Head

we are overreacting. no, we are right. we are being melodramatic. no, just sensible. we need some space and peace and quiet. no more twitter. that’s just fucking stupid it’s our connection to… Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Us?

I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post because to be honest, I’m still somewhat hesitant to accept the fact that I have this. I was first diagnosed with DID back in 2004, but… Continue reading

School Daze

I’ve been asked how it is that I was able to get through high school/college and maintain a 4.0 GPA as long as I did with a memory as spotty as mine as… Continue reading

Can’t Remember What I Did Wrong

We are struggling.  We, the K’s, are NOT all right.  I’m not sure when this current episode started, but based on how I feel in my head, and based on how many voices… Continue reading