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cracked – Part I

“Hospital“, said the psychiatrist, and our heart sank.  All of us K’s flew into a panic at the thought of being confined again after all this… after all this time.  I can’t say… Continue reading

Glitter’s Homework

Earlier tonight, Husband and I chatted for what seemed a long time, and we talked about things of a serious nature, important things, having perhaps even life-changing type discussions about his new business… Continue reading

Mom Worries I’m A Psycho

Recently I talked to my mother.  Granted, I do that every day, as I am her caregiver, but this time was different.  This day she got all serious on me.  She wanted to… Continue reading

Major Breakthrough or Break From Reality?

(When we started writing this blog post, it was yesterday? Last night? Some time in the past, not terribly long ago, yet it seems I’ve been typing for so very long…at least 12-16… Continue reading