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A Twitter Binge

Recently we went on an alcohol and drug binge and took to Twitter in our highly-intoxicated state.  Guess someone was feeling awfully social; we followed something like 200 people that night!  Then passed… Continue reading

Burning Inside

If I hadn’t overslept that day, everything I care about would be gone forever. I very rarely oversleep. In fact, even on those mornings when we have the day off from responsibilities and… Continue reading

The Great Panic Attack of 2012

Date: Monday, August 6, 2012;  Location:  My backyard, on my porch, inside my house;  Witnesses: 3, including my husband’s best friend;  Humiliation factor=high My mother is having surgery today.  Naturally, I’m nervous.  But… Continue reading

K’s Reaction

Breathe, K. Slow, deep breaths…in…out…Get it together. Oh dear. We must get it together. One of us wanted to post the blog that the other K wrote, or maybe it was more than… Continue reading

Look & Listen

Currently hallucinating. Watching the shadows of people in my kitchen move across the floor. Only no one is in my kitchen.  Am simultaneously listening to all the noise coming from the living room…sounds… Continue reading

Therapy Trainwreck

We have been having a very difficult time lately but can’t concentrate long enough to blog about it, which is the homework assignment given to us by our psychiatrist on Friday.  She asked… Continue reading

New Years Evil

Ah, New Year’s Eve.  A time for reflecting upon the triumphs and tragedies of the past year and looking ahead to the bright, shiny possibilities of the upcoming year.  Ideally, that’s what I’d… Continue reading