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Still Hungry

February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month, so I thought I’d do a blog post about our personal experience with eating disorders.  Then someone in my head told me that we’d already written at… Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have an aversion to body hair. I cannot stand having any body hair, anywhere. I shave my arms. I shave my toes. I shave my hands. I use wax and depilatory creams… Continue reading

What Friends?

I can’t breathe. This paranoia is suffocating me. Smothering me. And it’s all because of something that may not even be a big deal; I’m a terrible judge of such matters. See, I… Continue reading

Attempting To Heal: Beginning Week 3…or Am I?

As I’ve blogged about before, I have Dermatillomania, an impulse control disorder; it’s where a person uncontrollably picks at their skin until tissue damage is caused. It’s quite embarrassing and I’m very ashamed… Continue reading

Bad Twitter Vibes

We’re struggling today.  Something happened yesterday or last night (we think) or at the very least it was quite recently, and it’s upset us and we are unable to move on past this… Continue reading

My Psychiatrist is Making Me Crazy!!!

This day has been more than we could handle.  Was so anxious about therapy that I didn’t sleep for 2 days, nor did I eat.  Once there, the myriad of questions I’d had… Continue reading

Twitter to the Rescue

[I still have the second half of my two-part blog post called “The Evolution of My Self-Mutilation” ready to go. It really should probably be posted here, now, but I still don’t have… Continue reading

Don’t Look At Me!

K was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder about 10 years ago, but she’s had it much longer than that, I’d guess since she was a pre-teen.  Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a mental illness… Continue reading

My Newest Obsession

I’ve mentioned before that K has an obsessive personality and tends to go overboard when she gets an idea in her head.  Well, the idea currently inhabiting her brain space is the possibility-nay,… Continue reading

The Discovered Diaries

So much has happened that I just do not know where to start.  I can’t remember the beginning, and we’ve not yet come to the end, at least I hope not, and so… Continue reading