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Another Year, Another Reality

It’s hard for us to believe that a year has passed since we began this blog.  Of course, this blog began in another location, there we found out someone who actually knows us… Continue reading

Secrets Revealed…Again?

Recently, I wrote a blog post regarding being honest with other people about my mental illness (Should I Come Out?).  After much thought and some advice from a couple of online friends,  I… Continue reading

In A Nutshell (Pun Intended)

 If you’re a new reader, and would like to “skip to the good stuff”….this page contains links to the blog posts  explaining K’s story, and a couple written by different K’s. The Lost… Continue reading

Thoughts After Therapy

I was very angry before I went to therapy yesterday.  I mean, I was really pissed at my doctor.  Her office had said last month that they would call me to set up… Continue reading

Diagnosis Timeline

WHEN I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH WHAT(yes, I know some of these are the same thing but with a  different name; I’ve seen about 13 different doctors) Manic Depression———————————————-Age 16 Anorexia Nervosa———————————————-Age 17 Major… Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Us?

I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post because to be honest, I’m still somewhat hesitant to accept the fact that I have this. I was first diagnosed with DID back in 2004, but… Continue reading

How I Became a Walking Drugstore

Since the diagnosis which I’ve had for years has practically been scratched off my chart, so to speak, I figured this was a good time to review what disorders we DO have, or… Continue reading

Peeling Off An Old Label

Yesterday, (I’m pretty sure that was yesterday…) our husband took us back to see the psychiatrist again.  A different K went this time than had gone last time; I think that’s because our… Continue reading