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cracked – Part II

Cracked.  Our skin has dried out so much that it has cracked.  Raw. Peeling. Bleeding.  Sore.  How did we get to this point?  Through neglect? Trying to  remember…. The body in which we… Continue reading

The Other Scars

TRIGGER WARNING!  Today is Self-Harm Awareness Day, so that’s what we’ll be writing about. I’ve already done a blog post about cutting  (“The Evolution of My Self-Mutilation” ) but there are lots of… Continue reading

The Evolution of My Self-Mutilation, Part II

(This is going to be a very difficult post to write; I’ve never confessed these things to anyone. I’m completely humiliated and ashamed and embarrassed to death to admit these things out loud,… Continue reading

Looking For Part II of the Self-Mutilation Post?

This post is supposed to be the second part of our last blog post, The Evolution of My Self-Mutilation-Part I.  In fact, I have already written and edited Part II.  I just can’t… Continue reading

The Evolution of My Self-Mutilation, Part I

I don’t know what the trigger was, or what initially drew me to it. All I can remember is that sometime around the age of 13, I began cutting.  It was my secret. … Continue reading