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Who Told??

Holy crap I can’t believe we did that. What the fuck were you thinking, Kellie?! Oh shit on me, you told! Fuck. There’s no taking it back now. We-I-she-told one of our real-life… Continue reading

An Email From A Stranger Makes Us Smile

We were cleaning out my inbox and found this email we’d all totally forgotten about.  It’s from someone who found our blog while searching for info on dermatillomania/CSP.  It’s dated January 26, 2013.… Continue reading

Happy UnBirthday

I’m not sure how to say this… I’m exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I haven’t been to bed since…well, I can’t remember now, I just know I desperately need to sleep so I”m… Continue reading

A Triggering Tale Part 2

This post is the continuation of the last post I wrote.  This is the story of how K handled her mother’s tearful goodbyes (brought on by her fear of imminent death).  After my… Continue reading

Twitter is More Real Than My Life

Only four people in Real Life know about my DID: my husband and my psychiatrist of course, and also, from another city, my last psychologist, and my ex-boyfriend (who lived with me for… Continue reading

Shut Up Already!

K has a big fucking mouth and she just will not shut up. God! She embarrasses us to death! She must drive everyone crazy with her ramblings. On and on. She never stops.… Continue reading

Not Too Early To Tweet

It’s 7:04 A.M. and I’m up with no one to talk to or nothing to do and I can’t make any noise or else we’ll wake somebody up so I can’t vacuum or… Continue reading


We’ve been struggling.  We feel terribly guilty, but we can’t remember what it is we did wrong.  I can’t figure out who I’m supposed to be today.  The Good Daughter is taking care… Continue reading

Bad Twitter Vibes

We’re struggling today.  Something happened yesterday or last night (we think) or at the very least it was quite recently, and it’s upset us and we are unable to move on past this… Continue reading

An Apology To My Readers

I’m sitting here, and I’m reading over my last three blog posts, and I’m thinking to myself A) These are so  boring! and B) I sound like an arrogant bitch and C) I’m… Continue reading