How Many K’s Are There?

I have been keeping a diary or journal or sketchbook since I was about 4 or 5 years old. The older I got, the more telling the diary entries.  The handwriting changes often.… Continue reading

Our Brain Has Been Raped

I should be at a loss for words and a loss for thoughts. Yesterday I was subjected to 6 hours of psychological testing and interviews.  This was round 2 of testing for me. … Continue reading

I’m Not A Blogger

K is quite eager to tell the story of what happened at her psychiatrist’s appointment this week…but we don’t feel like writing and haven’t felt like writing since that last blog post.  We… Continue reading

Assessing the Damage

Where do we begin? The day before yesterday we were subjected to 5.5 hours of psychological testing.  We feel as though our brain has been raped.  Still triggered by some of the questions… Continue reading

Testing Our Limits

6:17 AM and we are freaking out like you would not believe.  Think we might’ve slept for 2 or 3 hours, max.  Just too worried about the psych tests we have to take… Continue reading

Another Year, Another Reality

It’s hard for us to believe that a year has passed since we began this blog.  Of course, this blog began in another location, there we found out someone who actually knows us… Continue reading

Cracking Up

We are completely off the charts, out of control, manic, hallucinating, bat shit crazy right now!  Rapid switching started a few days ago.  Can’t remember if we’ve ever done this before. Husband says… Continue reading

The Letter

A letter came in the mail today. A letter from our psychiatrist. We’re actually afraid of mail, but that’s a different blog post. We were far too scared to actually open the letter,… Continue reading

Hospital for the Holidays?

HOSPITAL.  The word sends shivers up our spine. Yet this is the word which came out of our psychiatrist’s mouth in therapy yesterday.  We’re so distraught that I’m not sure we’ll even be… Continue reading

Reality Check

Woke up and found this note on the nightstand. It was written in all capital letters in an unfamiliar handwriting, and was on a piece of stationery I’ve never seen before and can’t… Continue reading