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Oh my God am so confused right now. Think we drove somewhere but that doesn’t seem real. Don’t think it was a dream… There’s pieces of paper and notes and pieces of mail… Continue reading

Never Date Your Twin

For Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to share some advice about your love life. We’ve had literally dozens of relationships which were “fairly serious”, (we mean they lasted more than 3 months),  throughout our… Continue reading


Earlier this week, Husband had to snap us out of a long, rambling speech about our ex-boyfriends and fiancees.  God Kellie is a rude bitch sometimes.  We’ve been reminiscing.  A lot.  And missing… Continue reading

The Side Effects of Sanity

Medication side effects-especially those caused by our psychiatric medications-can be so severe that it makes us want to throw all our meds away.  You can’t even imagine how bad it is unless you’ve… Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have an aversion to body hair. I cannot stand having any body hair, anywhere. I shave my arms. I shave my toes. I shave my hands. I use wax and depilatory creams… Continue reading

A Few Thoughts From Blanche

Fuck! Is this my life??  What the hell?  When did we get so damn old? How did we get so fucking fat?!  And what the hell is up with my hair?!?  This shit… Continue reading

What Friends?

I can’t breathe. This paranoia is suffocating me. Smothering me. And it’s all because of something that may not even be a big deal; I’m a terrible judge of such matters. See, I… Continue reading

Coming Soon

I didn’t write that last blog post… One of the other K’s did.  I found it, along with several other blog posts, a few days ago, after “awakening” from a fairly mild episode… Continue reading

Miss Me? Aim Better Next Time

The rumors are all true, people. I’m back online after what seems like many many months but which I’ve been told was really only a few days. I hate to admit it, but… Continue reading

Losing Sleep Over It

Legend has it that when you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream. We have insomnia.  We can’t sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, and… Continue reading