(anniversary post)

So. My one year blog anniversary came and went….and none of you even sent a card.  😛  (Blanche says “Where’s my cake, bitches?!”)

It’s hard to believe that one whole year has passed since we began this blog.  (Granted, we actually started our blog on another site, then transferred it to this site, so technically our blog is more than a year old)  On the one hand, it’s hard to believe that merely one year is all the time that has elapsed since we wrote that first post here. On the other hand, it’s difficult to accept the fact that it has really been that long.  Either option is surprisingly hard for us to acknowledge.

We looked back at the blog posts written one year ago, to see if we’ve gotten any better-mentally-and as it turns out, we are still existing in the same pattern.  Derealization. Anxiety attacks. Memory loss. Depersonalization. And of course, stress overload.  The only thing that’s really changed is the reason for the stress. And our weight; we’ve lost a substantial amount of weight since this time last year.  Oh yes, and one other thing has changed: our shrink wishes to admit us to the hospital.  That’s kindof a big deal, huh?  Yeah, guess that counts as “getting worse” rather than better.  So. It takes about a year for me to have a complete breakdown.  Good to know.