We Were There

Floated through yesterday–

Watched our body drive a car.  Noticed she was very careful to obey all the traffic laws.  Wondered how she knew to do those things.

Went to the dentist. Weird vibes. Couldn’t take off our sunglasses. Dissociated in the chair… flew out the window a few times…not sure if anybody noticed. Can’t remember if we ever spoke.


Watched The Good Daughter tend to our mother.  Listened intently to what TGD had to say, for every word that came out of her mouth was a surprise to us.  She is…practical.

Darkness. Not sure where all the time went. Not sure how much time there ever was.

Sleep? We aren’t sure. But at 3:30 this morning we were hanging out in the bathroom, drinking a beer. I’m pretty sure that really happened.