Playing Nancy Drew

Yesterday is gone from our memory, but it leaves behind a number of visible clues which tell the story of our day and evening.  Most noticeably the bright orange hair which we now sport on our head.   We don’t recognize ourself in the mirror today, which happens more often than you might expect, but yet it’s still always a shock.  I know that we went to the salon yesterday, not just because of the new hair but also because we Tweeted three times during the hair color procedure.  My guess is that we dissociated at some time yesterday morning and just never came back to “reality” until we woke up this morning.  Seriously.  We can’t remember much of anything from Monday night until now….and looking at my phone it tells me it is now Wednesday.  So we’re missing Tuesday.  Let’s look at the signs left for us to find and see what we can deduce.

nancy drew

As I said earlier, the first clue to our day is in the mirror.  Monday our hair was burgundy and curly; today it is orange-red and silky smooth.  A completely different look for a completely different K is what we’d say.  Based solely upon the clues she left behind and the tweets she made I am able to determine that The Kellie was out and about.  She got us dressed and went to the salon.  I know these things because there is a picture on our phone taken last night at a restaurant, and I’m able to see what we were wearing.  Also, the color and style of our hair is quite telling.  Monday night we were unremarkable; today we stick out in a crowd.  This must surely be the work of The Kellie!

So. We have the photograph on our phone, which has the date and time on it, and shows us in a sexy outfit accessorized with tons of jewelry.   From that we know who dressed us, who was out, who went to the salon, and when and where we ate.  We know when we were at the salon based on our tweets and our texts and the photos on our phone.  There are 3 photos, including the one taken at the restaurant, and we can see the hairstyle evolve from burgundy to blonde to orange.  The photos are taken over the course of 6 hours beginning Tuesday afternoon and while the first 2 are obviously taken by us ourselves, the last one is taken by another person.  I can see an arm in the photo,  and so I know that Husband and I were with a male friend at the restaurant.  I can guess who that male was based upon the color and pattern of his shirt sleeve.  Husband’s friends would be in jeans; this man was in dress clothes.  So I know that it was husband’s business partner.  I also know about the restaurant because this morning when we went into the kitchen, there was a takeout box on the counter with the name of the restaurant inscribed upon it.  So we know where we ate, when we ate, who we ate with, and what we ate (based upon the leftovers).

We know about the salon from the tweets and texts to friends and family.  A number of texts were sent out to different girlfriends, announcing our new hairstyle.  Plus we have the photos.  So we are able to track our activities from the time we first sent out a text-at about 3:30 P.M. -until we ate at the restaurant at about 8:00.  Obviously the specific details are all lost now, but the important facts are evident.  Salon, haircut, hair color, out to eat with husband and his partner.  There must surely be something happening before we left for the salon, and in between the haircut and the meal, but we don’t have any texts or tweets or clues of any kind to help us with those time periods.

The clothes we wore, the jewelry we wore, the hairstyle and color, and the fact that we are now manicured and pedicured tells us that The Kellie was out for a good while Tuesday.  I wonder if she was acting up.  Have no idea.  She looks happy in the photo, and I can see she’s drinking beer.  The lack of a hangover tells me we didn’t get drunk, so that’s good.  When we woke up this morning, we were in our pajamas, in bed next to our husband, so it would appear that we did everything we were supposed to do last night…or at least we fell asleep properly.  Can’t remember now if we took any meds at bedtime, as I can’t remember bedtime.

So. Playing detective today, we have uncovered our whereabouts, our identity, our activities, our company, our food consumption, and our alcohol consumption for approximately the past 24 hours.  Not too shabby, huh?  The rest of our day and evening can be filled in by interviewing our loved ones.  Husband and Mom know all the events of the morning and afternoon better than K does; we can learn a great deal by questioning them.  And so the investigation continues.  This may seem like a lot of work (or maybe it doesn’t) but this is just par for the course with K.  Most mornings we awaken to a lost memory of the day before, and we have to play detective most of the time to uncover the truth.