Who Told??

Holy crap I can’t believe we did that. What the fuck were you thinking, Kellie?! Oh shit on me, you told! Fuck. There’s no taking it back now. We-I-she-told one of our real-life friends about the blog. Jesus H. Catnip what the hell were we thinking? Obviously we weren’t thinking at all. You imbecile! How could you betray our oath, our bond, our solemn vow to stay silent, to keep our secret, to tell no one.  Damn. You went and fucked it all up! It wasn’t me, it was her! Whoever it was, we’re all fucked now. Fuck.

What if she tells someone? Anyone at all?  What if she tells another one of our friends? And then they could make fun of Kellie behind her back, together, perhaps even spreading rumors about us.  Or what if she gets really drunk and accidentally spills her guts to her date one night?  What if she shares our deepest, darkest secrets with some stranger? Or hell, what if she looks at us differently now, in a new light, in a spotlight of craziness. Sigh.  What if she can’t look at us the same way anymore?  What if she no longer respects us? Ha. You’re assuming she ever respected K to begin with. What?? Surely she did at some point, didn’t she? Fuck. We can’t remember now. Can’t remember meeting her or when or where or how….

Here’s what we know. She’s our best girlfriend in this city.  She makes us laugh.  Our mother just adores her.  True, I can’t remember how long we’ve been friends. Feels like it’s new. Like within the past….year? Six months? Hell we just can’t remember now!  We just need to determine if she’s trustworthy. Well surely some of us must think so or we’d never have told her about the blog. Damn. Was that a mistake? Have we fucked up so badly that it’s going to affect the rest of our daily life? Fuck fuck fuck.