Much Ado About Something

…and then I suddenly came to and found myself in the parking lot at a Mexican restaurant.  Thankfully, K was in the passenger seat of the car. If she’d been driving we would’ve lost it and gotten scared.  But this didn’t frighten us exactly, it just came as a jolt, a metaphorical slap in the face, it was like someone threw cold water on me.  I was not expecting it, and we were all at once confused and taken aback and worried we’d done or said something embarrassing.  For there was someone in the back seat.  Husband was behind the wheel, and his best friend was in the back seat.  We got really really paranoid when we realized he was in the car with us.  Our brain tried desperately to roll itself back a few notches and remember what had happened, how we’d gotten there.  But those memories simply did not exist.  Everything was a blank.  I could remember the first part of our day, and being at home…  it seems there was a lot of excitement, a lot of commotion, much ado about something

People came over. Lots of people, or what seems to Kellie to be lots of people. How many is lots?  Husband told us that we had coffee with 7 people this morning.  That seems extreme.  That seems too much to handle.  I didn’t realize K had that many friends.  Who were those people?