An Email From A Stranger Makes Us Smile

We were cleaning out my inbox and found this email we’d all totally forgotten about.  It’s from someone who found our blog while searching for info on dermatillomania/CSP.  It’s dated January 26, 2013.

“Your blog’s the second thing I’ve read about dermatillomania, the first one was some scientific article. My son turned from trichotillomania to CSP, and until recently I even didn’t realize how serious it is. Your posts like nothing else give the true picture of the real pain, suffering and despair behind what people call a bad habit. I admire your courage and honesty to look at CSP and write about it. I’m looking for ways to help my son. Seems like honesty and expressing one’s true feelings are about the only way. Thank you for telling your story.”

This email really means a great deal to me.  Just knowing that our blog helped someone else makes us feel like we’ve done something right, something positive. It’s a good feeling. I think I’m actually proud of K.

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