The K’s Get A Voice

So… It seems that The K’s have been busy this week. (To be honest I can’t tell if it’s been days or months)  Actually, we can’t remember when this all started, or whose idea it was.  All we know for sure is what we’ve found in our notes and on our laptop–that some K’s have been creating Twitter accounts of their own. Guess they got tired of always being in the background.  They want their voices to be heard too.  So far we’ve found evidence of (I think) a half-dozen(!) new accounts. That blows my mind. I’m not sure if each personality did this by themselves, or if they had help from co-conscious K’s.  Some of it seems like I was doing it but dreaming during the process. I don’t know exactly who did what when.  But I do know that some of the K’s are talking now. Other K’s, not so much.  (Usually, all the K’s use our original Twitter account but then it’s hard for everyone to tell who’s talking) And of course our littles would never have a Twitter account; one rarely comes out (and I don’t think she could type on a laptop) and the other little girl doesn’t speak.


The first indication that something was going on was an email we received. (Sorry, I can’t remember when that was.) It was from an unrecognized account, and it turned out that the email was from me. To another me.  Apparently I sent myself my new Twitter username and password in case we forgot, which of course we almost always do.  I’m so glad she thought to do that; otherwise we might never have known about that account.  Over the course of a week’s time (I’m really just guessing) we received 3, maybe 4 emails, each from a different K, each spelling out our username and password and such. The other accounts I had to play detective to find. Some of the K’s are quite secretive, even to ourselves.

Once or twice, I woke up and found myself writing.  Well, I tried to make sense of it all, and it’s taken me a good solid 5 days (according to Husband) to read all the notes we found.  And I forget what I’ve read and have to read it over again and again…But I’ve now gotten myself armed with new information, important information at that.  Also, I now have an easier way to track the activities of K’s parts. Instead of post-it notes stuck everywhere or scraps of paper lying about, we have Tweets, each with a date on it.  If this works, we’ll have a new improved way to communicate with ourselves. I also expect to learn a lot more about each of the K’s.  Hopefully my psychiatrist will approve of this development…and hopefully it will work for us. Don’t really care about getting followers….the K’s just want to stand up and be heard by the other me’s. Some of them are smart enough to pull this off. Others, well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.