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Oh my God am so confused right now. Think we drove somewhere but that doesn’t seem real. Don’t think it was a dream…

There’s pieces of paper and notes and pieces of mail and lists scattered all over the bed and desk. Trying to make sense of all this by reading old Tweets and texts. Some blog drafts, new posts I can’t remember…guess the other K’s have been busy. But for how long? Not even sure what day this is…*looking for our phone* OK. It’s Friday. Wait-I think Sunday is our birthday. Damn. Totally not prepared. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how much time there is between Friday and Sunday. Can’t grasp the concept of “days” right now.

Notes everywhere, in multiple notebooks or torn out…Looks like she/they (?) have been researching again, I think studying stress and switching. There are some partial blog posts, guess I could publish those. Not sure what to to do with them. Publish as is? Some of them are only a few sentences long. Or should I try to finish the posts? Hmm. Dilemma. Guess I should figure out where I’m supposed to be/what I’m supposed to be doing first.