Earlier this week, Husband had to snap us out of a long, rambling speech about our ex-boyfriends and fiancees.  God Kellie is a rude bitch sometimes.  We’ve been reminiscing.  A lot.  And missing the old Kellie.  She was much cooler than any of us other K’s. I wish I could flip some switch and have the desired K come out whenever she was needed.  I also wish I had an off button.  And some more champagne… and someone to drink it with 😦

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and my birthday is 3 days after that, and every year we go through this phase right beforehand where I  think about things we’ve experienced throughout the years.  All the parties, the concerts,  the dates,  the sex, all the passion…. (sigh) Is it wrong of me to daydream about our past? I’m not saying I miss any of those old beaus, I’m just saying that lately we’ve been thinking about some of them. Is that wrong? Am I normal or am I not normal? We don’t have a clue. It’s been happening for years and years now. Doesn’t matter who we were dating, and apparently it didn’t change things when we got married.

The only difference is that now we are married, and so whenever we have these thoughts of other guys, it makes us feel terribly guilty.  I mean, we don’t actually do anything-we don’t call the ex’s or email them or anything like that. We just relive some past experiences in our mind.  And I don’t mean just the sex parts either. It really has more to do with words. We think about all the romantic stuff. We think about the poems written about us, the songs composed about us or dedicated to us… We think about that time we went to see a famous band and the lead singer asked us to fly to England with him for a week. (there’s a dreamy, faraway look in our eyes right now)

I’m just grateful I can still remember this stuff. Granted, I have to cheat and reread my old journal entries most of the time.  But some things stick out in our memory because they were so amazing at the time.  I wonder how long I can hold onto these memories before they slip through my fingers. I think we’ll just enjoy the fantasy for as long as possible.