Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have an aversion to body hair. I cannot stand having any body hair, anywhere. I shave my arms. I shave my toes. I shave my hands. I use wax and depilatory creams and lotions and tweezers and razors and gels…anything that will remove hair. I’ve plucked, waxed, shaved, or put acid on just about every part of my body. To me, body hair=dirty. I’m literally grossed out by body hair. But only on myself. I don’t mind a man with a hairy chest.  Actually it turns me on. (Then again, so does a man with a smooth-chest.)  And I have a couple of girlfriends who are hippies and don’t shave their legs; whatever. It’s just ME that I find disgusting with hair.

woman shaving

Some of the others are either too lazy or too depressed to shave.  Whenever I show up, and find that our legs are hairy, I get so angry and frustrated!  It’s not fair that we have to put up with such nasty grooming practices, but there’s nothing we can do.  I mean, we can’t break up with ourselves. We can’t move out of our body…even though we may want to sometimes.  Ew.  Just talking about all of this has compelled me to go shave my legs.  And our arms.  And our upper lip… (sigh) So much body maintenance to be done!