Coming Soon

I didn’t write that last blog post… One of the other K’s did.  I found it, along with several other blog posts, a few days ago, after “awakening” from a fairly mild episode of dissociative amnesia, which lasted for about 4 days.  I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to use those other blog posts here.  One of them contains very disturbing information and paints us in a negative light; I am ashamed of that K’s behavior and therefore can’t decide whether or not to publish that blog post.  Another post, presumably written by The Kellie, comes across as terribly conceited and bitchy, and so I hesitate to publish that one also.  I will, however, be publishing the other “mystery blog posts”, each of which was written while we were someone else.  I am unsure just how many K’s were involved in writing these blog posts, and who they were.  My publishing them is really more for our own sake than it is for yours; we want to keep records of who/what/when.