Cracking Up

We are completely off the charts, out of control, manic, hallucinating, bat shit crazy right now!  Rapid switching started a few days ago.  Can’t remember if we’ve ever done this before. Husband says we are switching right in front of him over and over, sometimes staying in my “head” for several minutes, one time for about an hour, once for a day and a half, other times just a couple of minutes….  So confused!! Too many triggers to list them all. Desperately need to see our shrink but she’s on vacation. Think part of this has been caused by her threat of hospitalization. We think she freaked us out and now we’re losing our shit over it.  Can’t stop thinking about these upcoming psychological tests, being done January 3 in a huge hospital in the big city an hour’s drive south of here.  Hoping Husband takes us, but he might have to work. I just don’t know. Really feeling the pressure though. Really cracking….