(S)He Works Here

My husband has been under a lot of pressure lately.  He recently opened his own business so he has quite a lot on his shoulders at the moment.  It really came as no surprise when he drank too much after work and became intoxicated.  The thing is, he was talking to me during his drunken “adventure”.  Now I’ve always heard that alcohol acts like a truth serum… so I have to think that what he told me was how he really thought and felt.  He said all kinds of stuff about me, us, the business, but what interested me was when he said “Someone else has been coming to the store at times. Some other personality. This one is causing problems.” I immediately asked, “What does she do?” and he said “It’s not a she.”  Shortly after that brief conversation he passed out.

The next morning, I waited until I thought the time was right, and then I brought up the discussion.  He looked at me all befuddled. I then told him exactly what he’d said to me the night before, and he admitted that he did not remember having that talk at all. So I asked him if another K has been coming to his store and he said yes, that was true.  But then he told me that she was a hard worker and got along well with everyone and he had no problems with her.  So.  I don’t know what to think.  Was it just drunken nonsense he was rambling about? Or does he not want me to know about this male K? I’m confused and can’t decide if I should even bring it up again. But I am definitely curious about all of this.