Halt! Who Goes There?

Something’s happening to us.  We’re being told by family and friends that we are different, that we are not ourself, that we are like a whole new person.  One friend even told me that my voice has changed and I’m talking all strange and don’t even sound like Kellie anymore.  This started weeks ago.  I was beginning to wonder if perhaps it was a new personality; I don’t even know if that’s possible or not, but we just don’t know what to think.  Haven’t been to see my psychiatrist since July so I’m on my own with this.  I’ve decided to do some investigating.  I must find out what is going on.  We keep losing time-lots of it.  Whole days, even a week.  Maybe it’s stress related.  Maybe something bad happened that I just can’t remember now.  I HAVE to find out what all of this means! It’s driving us crazy.  Er. :/