Ranting Through Tears

The children are crying.

Someone tweeted us an insult, someone we don’t even know.  It hurt our feelings very badly.  This person implied that our tweets are offensive to some people.  She also inferred that I was a junkie.  We cried.  Some of us don’t even smoke cigarettes, much less use drugs!

Yes, some of the K’s self-medicate.  Some of us drink. Some of us smoke pot. Some of us take pills.  It’s a very common practice among the mentally ill.  I just wrote a blog post about that very subject:  Mental and Self-Medicating  I’m only human.  I have weaknesses. I have problems with moderation and self-control. But I am far from being a junkie. Drugs are not the center of my life.  I’ve never lost a job due to drugs or alcohol.  I don’t pawn my TV to buy crack.  I’ve never used intravenous drugs in my entire life.  I think I’m relatively tame.  Yes, I will have  a drink or three at a bar.  Yes, I will happily smoke that joint with you.  Yes, I keep Xanax on me at all times.  But I’m no slave to any of those things.  They ease the pain. They quiet some of the voices.  They make me happy.  But they do not control me.

Whomever this chick was, she needs to read more of our tweets before she judges us.  Our bio clearly states “brutally honest” as well as “mature content” so she and everyone else in the Twitterverse has been warned. I offend you?  Don’t read our shit.   Or just fucking unfollow me, bitch.