Monthly Archive: July, 2012

A Prozac Poem

I’m reading some old diaries/journals.  I just found this poem… not sure which K wrote it since I don’t recognize the handwriting,  but it’s dated June 2006. Writing just to keep from thinking… Continue reading

Stopping the Scary Pills

After much thought and research on the subject, I walked into my psychiatrist’s office this morning and announced to her that I’d like to discontinue my antipsychotic medication.  I’ve been thinking about it… Continue reading

Mini Meltdown

I had a bad day Friday…I’m pretty sure it all started when I forgot to take my meds. Apparently this new medicine I’m on really affects me if I miss a dose. I’ll… Continue reading

Mental and Self-Medicating

Self-medication is a term used to describe the use of drugs (including alcohol) or other self-soothing forms of behavior, such as shopping or sex, to treat untreated and often undiagnosed mental distress,  anxiety… Continue reading

Co-Consciousness and The K’s

I want to talk about co-consciousness since I experience it so often. Co-consciousness  is described as two or more parts (or alters) being present together and knowing it and cooperating with each other.… Continue reading

First Impressions

Sometimes, I am painfully aware that I am a multiple.  Sometimes, I can see and hear what is happening, but the wrong me will be out and I get frustrated that I can’t… Continue reading

You’re Bugging Me

Recently I had a bad day.  A day filled with bugs.  We are scared to death of creepy-crawlies.  I was awakened by something crawling up my arm. I didn’t have my eyes fully… Continue reading

Flashback To February

I just found this unfinished post, which was written on Friday, February 17, the afternoon of my birthday.  Since I just did a post about my birthday (or rather, my UNbirthday) I thought… Continue reading

Happy UnBirthday

I’m not sure how to say this… I’m exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I haven’t been to bed since…well, I can’t remember now, I just know I desperately need to sleep so I”m… Continue reading

Break On Through

“Madness need not be all breakdown.  It may also be break-through.”  ~R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience This has been an epic week for us.  I was talking with my mother a few… Continue reading