Monthly Archive: June, 2012

Secrets Revealed…Again?

Recently, I wrote a blog post regarding being honest with other people about my mental illness (Should I Come Out?).  After much thought and some advice from a couple of online friends,  I… Continue reading

What Is Dissociative Amnesia?

Dissociative disorders are mental illnesses that are marked by an interruption of a person’s fundamental aspects of waking consciousness.  Dissociative disorders  involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, consciousness, awareness, identity, and/or perception.   There… Continue reading

Written By A Bitch

People came over.  I didn’t want people coming over. I wanted them to go away.   I was having a shit day and didn’t feel like talking to anyone, much less being friendly.  And… Continue reading

A Triggering Tale Part 2

This post is the continuation of the last post I wrote.  This is the story of how K handled her mother’s tearful goodbyes (brought on by her fear of imminent death).  After my… Continue reading

A Triggering Tale

This will be a triggering post for me to write but we feel it’s important to K’s sanity (whatever amount she may have left) that we discuss this subject.  I’m going to write… Continue reading

Emergency Therapy

I had to go see my psychiatrist for an emergency appointment the other day. This was the first time I’d ever tried to see her without a scheduled appointment; I wasn’t sure she’d… Continue reading


Too much.  There’s too much in my head. Can’t think clearly. Can’t process emotions. Ha. What emotions? I feel hollow today. Can’t decide how I feel or think… just empty. Everything’s chaotic yet… Continue reading

The Inevitable Crash

Well, here we go again.  I was feeling so good.  I was living my life, and things were going pretty darn well.  I got to take a weekend trip far away and had… Continue reading

In A Nutshell (Pun Intended)

 If you’re a new reader, and would like to “skip to the good stuff”….this page contains links to the blog posts  explaining K’s story, and a couple written by different K’s. The Lost… Continue reading