Monthly Archive: May, 2012

An Animated Day

Today (Wednesday) has been quite a trying day, but interesting at least. We were supposed to be at therapy at 9:30 this morning.  I found out around 9:00 that the car wouldn’t crank.… Continue reading

K’s Reaction

Breathe, K. Slow, deep breaths…in…out…Get it together. Oh dear. We must get it together. One of us wanted to post the blog that the other K wrote, or maybe it was more than… Continue reading

Don’t Be Such A Damn Baby

What a fucking cry baby. Jesus Christ, could K be any more pathetic? Now I’m here to tell you that not all of us are so bloody wimpy.  Not all of us are… Continue reading

Should I Come Out?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  I announced on Twitter recently that I was mentally ill (it’s no big secret), and proceeded to name some of my ailments.  I have a laundry list… Continue reading

About a Wedding

I spent most of  yesterday in bed, sleeping, in an attempt to recover from my exhausting weekend. But oh, what a weekend it was!  On Friday, I drove my husband and my mother… Continue reading

What’s Up, Doc? (False Truths Pt.2)

Two weeks ago, I went to therapy and said some things that I later regretted.  I told my psychiatrist that not everyone believes my mental illness is real; some people think I’m faking… Continue reading

Twitter is More Real Than My Life

Only four people in Real Life know about my DID: my husband and my psychiatrist of course, and also, from another city, my last psychologist, and my ex-boyfriend (who lived with me for… Continue reading

Alone With Our Thoughts

I’ve only had one meal and 2 hours’ sleep in the past two days.  Husband’s out of town and I’m feeling alone and vulnerable yet I’m oddly hyper and my brain is going… Continue reading

Scrap of Paper

I found a handwritten note to myself (at least I think it’s to me).  Not all of it makes sense, but I found it interesting and it’s a peek inside K’s mind.  I… Continue reading


What’s the difference between CBT and DBT?  I have to admit that I didn’t know the differences until I looked it up to write this blog post. I was curious as to what… Continue reading