Weekend Visitors

So.  Another K was here this past weekend.  Two actually.  The main one in charge being Switch Kellie, who was with us, as far as my investigation is telling me, beginning Sunday around 1:00 pm.  She was with us for pretty much the whole day and night, except at one point in the early morning hours she receded and The Cleaner came out and took over her chores. The Cleaner was only doing what Switch Kellie had written down on her list.  Switch Kellie always has a list, or I guess I should say lists, as there are so many of them.  Lists of all sorts of things….things to do, places to go, people to call, emails to send, groceries to buy, books to read, I could go on and on.  But on the list were a number of cleaning tasks, and so The Cleaner came out and took over and cleaned everything.  She’s quite obsessive about her chores.  If only she showed up everyday, my house would be immaculate!  But unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. After she’d cleaned, she went back inside and Switch Kellie was here to finish up some tasks, including writing a journal entry. Both The Cleaner and Switch Kellie wrote in our journal Sunday/Monday.  I’m eager to show it to my psychiatrist tomorrow at my appointment. 

 She met The Cleaner once but I don’t think she knew who it was, as she never identified herself; she just went off on a rant about dirt and how it was all around her and how we were so afraid of dirt and dust.  Anyway, The Cleaner came and cleaned Sunday night and early Monday morning then wrote a journal entry and was gone by 7:00 Monday morning.  So Switch Kellie was in control again and there was more list-making (as always) and she paid the bills and went to the bank and tended to some financial matters. She was trying to get as much accomplished as possible before she left. Unfortunately, she didn’t get finished before she left (sometime yesterday evening), and now here I am, with all her notes and lists and plans, and I just don’t know if I can do all of this. I took a nap yesterday evening, and when I woke up, it was “me” again and I had a million things to do.  Things needing doing include taking Mom out of town to see a pain management specialist, picking up a prescription at Mom’s doctor’s office, taking Mom to yet another doctor at 2:30 this afternoon, returning some library books, and going by the medical supply store to get Mom a 25 foot oxygen line.  Is that a lot?  I just don’t know.  But I guess I better get started, i.e. get dressed.  It’s good to be back in my body but I wish that Switch Kellie had gotten more done while she was here.  She’s so good at managing things, whereas I have no sense of time and no way to prioritize. All I know to do is follow her list and hope that I get these things accomplished.  Tomorrow we get to see our psychiatrist.  I’m going to tell her that I’m too stressed out, for stress is the main reason Switch Kellie comes out, she takes over when I’m unable to handle all the pressure.  She takes care of us when I can’t take care of myself.  If I get overwhelmed, she shows up (ideally).  So I know that the stress level is high around here, just based on her presence.  Man, I really could use her today… If only I knew how to force out a specific me. That would be so awesome. I’d be Switch Kellie and run errands out in public, then I’d change to The Cleaner and do all the housework, and then I would change into one of the K’s who is fun to be around and good for socializing.  In a perfect world, the right K would appear at the right time and everything would just flow naturally from one moment to the next.  Sigh.  If only…