The Cleaner

JOURNAL ENTRY-SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012  (Late night/early Monday morning)
MUST. CLEAN. EVERYTHING. I don’t have time to write, there are things to do, things to clean, things to organize. I have dusted every nook and cranny in this room and the adjoining room and cleaned all the mirrors and glass in the house and swept floors and cleaned counters and put dishes away and scrubbed the shower and cleaned the sinks and sanitized the toilet and scrubbed the baseboards and cleaned the ceiling fan and organized a stack of bills and papers on the dresser. All of those things sound really lame, but if you knew how quickly I was getting each task done, you’d be impressed. I’ve not stopped, except for now, this moment, wherein I’m telling my story. I cleaned everything in the bathroom. I got a laundry basket and loaded it up with various types of cleansers and dust rags and sponges and a broom and dustpan and a Swiffer duster…you get the idea.  I lugged this basket of cleaning supplies around from room to room. I cleaned the kitchen while I was waiting on the coffee to brew. The other K, the one who was here earlier, she drinks tea. Switch Kellie she’s called. She wrote a journal entry too.  We are having trouble deciding if we should share all this with the public. Do they really need to know that one of the K’s is known as The Cleaner and is OCD about cleanliness and organization?

Well, there you have it. I’m always cleaning when I am in charge.  I have an actual fear of dirt. I wear rubber gloves up to my elbows (they’re actually lime green with a Pucci-style print on the cuffs; they’re called “Glam Gloves”) I’m terrified of the cobwebs which I sometimes find in the corner of a spare room. If I get in the shower, the tiles over my head seem to try and swallow me up and drip germs on me and I look around and I’m just surrounded by dirt, dirty tiles, mildew, black gook, rust stains, red streaks where hair dye got on the shower wall, stained grout that is no longer white…oooooh Shivers just ran up my spine! I can’t think about the dirt anymore.  It’s freaking me out. Besides, I cleaned all that stuff, so there’s no dirt now, and obviously I was exaggerating about how dirty the shower was to begin with. Everything has been cleaned and sanitized.  In pretty much every room, except for Husband’s rooms of course.  I’m afraid to dust in there; what if I accidentally broke something?  So I’ve cleaned the kitchen, the bedroom, 2 bathrooms, the den, the dining room, the living room, the laundry room…I organized drawers and shelves…I thought about alphabetizing all the CD’s, but that seemed like a task larger than I felt I had time to accomplish.  Some day, I will do that task.  I promise you.  So I, The Cleaner, for a while have been sharing co-consciousness with a different K.  The Good Daughter appeared occasionally when we went into our mother’s room, but for most of the weekend, Switch Kellie was here.  She made the big list of things to do, and cleaning was on the list.  And so I came and took over and saw to it that everything got cleaned properly.  I can’t vacuum because Mom is asleep, but I’ll do it later. Also, still need to mop the kitchen. And I wonder if the windows need washing…What else can I clean? I don’t see any point in going to bed now. Might as well keep cleaning. Let’s get serious-I’m thinking about polishing silver… And have I ever mentioned that I wash the bar of soap  in the soap dish? It’s true. Is that weird? I mean, it’s soap. It should be self-cleaning.