Journal Entry

SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

1:00 PM
I’m back. I, being the persona who’s writing this post, being, I believe, (I hate to say it yet I’m excited by it as well), it is I–Switch Kellie. That’s the name Husband gave to me when he first met me in January 2012, just a few days before our 2nd wedding anniversary if I’m not mistaken.  It was quite the night, that night of our introduction. Switch Kellie is mentioned here: Blog Post A and here: Blog Post B I’m faced once again with the choice of whether or not I should tell Husband that I’m here.  I’m wondering if he’d notice eventually anyway…I mean, there are clues. For one thing, I’m making lists. Tons of highly-detailed lists, of a variety of things.  What to do, Who to call, Where to go, etc. I’m also doing a lot of paperwork, researching, Googling, taking notes. I have so much work to do, I fear I won’t have enough time to finish it all.  It is 1:02 PM and I’m pausing just long enough to make a note of the current time, so that I might be able to keep up with how long I’ve been here. Here being this moment in time, this “now”. How I value time…probably because I lose so much of it. *deep breath* OK, feeling a panic attack coming on…I better go take the meds I forgot to take this morning, since it’s now time for the afternoon pills.  Drat.

4:28 pm
 I’m still here, or so it would seem.  I successfully kept my presence a secret and now Husband has gone to work so I’m safe for a few hours. If only I can keep Mom from noticing. I think she might be suspicious, because I was making and maintaining eye contact with her earlier.  That’s NOT something I can do very easily, and it’s rare that I even try.  But I did it without thought or effort, just action. Just knowing. Just do it.  Oh dear God, have I ended up a Nike commercial rip-off? Sigh. Went to a chocolate festival with Husband this afternoon; he wants to go walk thru the carnival rides section tonight after work, so we just hit the food and vendors side today. There was an appalling lack of chocolate at the supposed chocolate festival. Now, let’s get serious. I can’t believe how bad this “Kellie World” situation has become. For one thing, K totally flaked out and forgot to pay a number of bills last month. Now I’m getting phone calls from people wanting their money. I had to combine money from my savings and checking accounts to cover them, and even then I had to borrow money to cover everything, since I had 2 months’ payments due. *Sigh*  For another thing, K is really looking bad, in so many different areas.  Her skin is all messed up; stress has caused her to break out all over, and her Dermatillomania has caused her to pick at all the zits. Therefore, she looks like an acne-ridden teenager.  Her arms also look horrendous from CSP (compulsive skin picking) so she’s been wearing long-sleeves even though the temperatures have been in the 80’s F.  Her self-injury is the worst it’s been in years-her calves are covered in big, bloody scabby sores. Gross. The new medications have made her gain weight so she sees herself as obese now, although that’s probably not really the case. (Maybe it is though, we really don’t know how to tell; we see a fat person in the mirror no matter how much I weigh)  Still, it’s a major stress factor in K’s life. Her hair color needs to be touched up-she’s got roots showing, and her bangs are far too long.  I can’t tell you the last time she had a manicure, and her nails look like hell. Apparently we’ve been biting them, just like old times. HA. So NOT funny.  I’ve been binging on Easter candy lately, and that has got to stop immediately. Also, it’s time to start working out regularly again, better yet obsessively.  K has some vitamin deficiencies and needs a multi-vitamin supplement, which she’s not been taking. She’s been flip-flopping between starvation and overeating. Binging and purging is the norm around here on days that she eats. There is no happy, healthy medium.  This is the worst, perhaps, she’s ever been; I don’t mean the thinnest of course, I mean nutritionally speaking. K is very unhealthy at the moment. I mean, K is unrecognizable.  Her face is so puffy from the medications that she looks positively round. It’s a nightmare. Very unattractive.  And we’re supposed to go to our nephew’s wedding in mid-May.  Damn.  So much business to attend to, even without all the physical makeover stuff that I must now do.  K has utterly let herself go, and I’m ashamed of her.  Obviously, she’s quite depressed.  That’s the number one reason she looks this bad.  Am thinking perhaps this switch was brought on by the stress of having to sleep with Mom again recently so that I would be able to hear her calling my name (she was in so much pain the she got scared and kept calling out for me).  I was afraid I’d not wake up seeing as how Dr. H increased my nighttime meds to 4 pills a night rather than 3.  And indeed, I slept long after Mom had gotten up. I slept in til about 8:15 this morning.  Well, not I per se, but us. The K’s.  This K is getting antsy now.  Feel the urge to go clean something, or to self-pamper, to give myself a deep conditioning treatment and a fizzy foot soak and a mani/pedi and then I’ve got to get off my fat ass and get to work.  The bathroom needs sanitizing.

6:09 pm
 Paranoia is putting crazy thoughts in my head. This is making me wonder if I’m faking it, this dissociative disorder. Is this all just in my head?  Am I really all that different from the other K’s? Signs point to yes, as I am thinking more clearly and quicker and just...differently.  I see things in a whole other light than what K sees.  I’m more responsible than she is, more able to multitask, I’m more mature and dependable. I don’t do drugs. Cigarettes? No. Not Switch Kellie. I might have a drink or two (well, I would if I were allowed to drink; my meds interact badly with alcohol) but I’m definitely not a party girl. I’m more serious than that.  I think about things like our future…Mine and Husband’s….I think about what’s going to happen after Mom dies. I don’t know if we’ll be able to continue to afford to live here in this house. Plus, Sis will probably want to sell the house and split the money.  I would do anything for Mom, I’d give away all that I have if it’d make her pain stop. The Dilaudid seems to help a lot, and they gave her some pain patches which I’ve cut in half and put on her back and chest. Things with Hubby’s health are sketchy too. His asthma attacks are getting frequent and more serious. Aunt B gave us some Advair that she had for her husband but he never used. Too bad she gave it to us the day after we’d spent $266 (borrowed from Mom) on a month’s supply. At least by the time those run out he’ll be enrolled and active in the discount prescription drug plan at the medical complex and can get his meds for like $15 or something. What else has been happening? It’s so hard to remember.  A few things on my Master List:  Wash car, Fax letters to banks to add me to Mom’s account, a facial masque, dusting the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, painting the porch, refill the sugar canister, blog about Switch Kellie, Cancel online gaming subscription, etc.  Notice how the list is so scattered-they can be trivial, like the sugar dish, or labor intensive, such as painting the porch. I also have written down to call a dermatologist. It’s time to get my legs looked at. What started out as a light rash has now become large scaly patches of itchy, red skin. I’ve been self harming by scratching them until there are bloody holes in my legs, and now I have awful looking scabs over most of my calves in a spotted pattern. It’s quite a shame. I’ve been trying to let Crickette (Husband’s little dog) lick the wounds to help them heal. Speaking of Crickette, did I tell you that Mom was telling me what she wanted on her headstone (just what someone who’s a big baby with abandonment issues wants to talk about), and she said she wants her dogs. Sam (Daddy’s, now Mom’s schnauzer) & Crickette, their photos or engravings or something like that on her marker.  I told Husband that and he teared up; said it was touching.  I thought it was sad to be thinking stuff like that.  But I, being the smart one, know in my heart that Mom is not much longer on this earth.  I don’t know if she can ever learn to live with the pain of PHN. She told me that she understands now what Daddy had to go through all those years he was suffering. I would do anything to take away her pain; I can only wake her up to give her Dilaudid, put ice packs on her back, and stick pain patches on her.  She squeezed my hand really tight tonight and thanked me for taking care of her.  I told her that I didn’t really do much, and she said “You’re here with me, and that’s something”. Or something along those lines. Damn I can’t remember exactly as I keep switching, or trying to switch or something.  Something happened to me sometime around 1 pm this afternoon, and I became Switch Kellie.  I don’t drink, or at least very rarely/lightly, and I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. I enjoy reading and crossword puzzles and brain teasers and philosophical debates and hot cups of tea in my “#1 Wife” (isn’t that funny? as in #1 of many) mug that Hubby gave me for Christmas.  Now I think, but I can’t really be certain without going back into the bedroom and asking Husband the question, but I think that I told him that Switch Kellie was out. He asked, I believe, if “the other Kellie was here”, and I told him I’d been here since this morning but didn’t want to tell him. I didn’t want to freak him out.  But it must not have freaked him out, or else he’s just drunk enough beer to cope really well, for he’s back there now on the phone with his buddy, not even thinking twice about me or her or any of us.  OK, I’ve got to get back to my list. I have so many things to do and so little time to do them all. Well, I don’t know how much time I have actually; I’ve stayed over a week before…longer if I’m needed.  OK. Gonna change clothes and start cleaning the bathroom.  Also going to dust the bedroom ceiling/corners/walls.  Need to get some sticky tape and remove the dust from my wigs, especially my favorite blue & black one. I hope it’s not ruined.  😦  The K that wears the wigs hasn’t been around in a long time, that’s why the wigs are all covered in dust.  She last came out.. I believe the year was 2008 or 2009. I really should tell you about her sometime; I find her fascinating, if I do say so myself.  And I do say so, to myself. HEHE  Mental illness humor.  OK, now let’s see. Here are the facts as we know them: Switch Kellie was triggered, possibly by stress (from worrying about Mom’s health and money and Husband’s asthma), possibly by the new increased medication dosage.  At any rate, she’s here now, I’m here now, I am in control and I will see to it that all this business gets taken care of.  K has let her finances really get into a mess. We have to close one bank account and switch to a credit union account in order to save $11/month.  We have to write letters and fax them to banks and financial institutions, so that I can do banking for my mother and also talk to phone support about her accounts. OH and VERY important-we have to find our misplaced medical insurance cards!!! Or call and request new ones.

5:15 am (Monday)
Sigh. So much to do. K has really dropped the ball here. But I’m a hard worker.  I’ve already cleaned everywhere, thoroughly. I never went to bed last night because I felt like I had too much to do, and so I cleaned all night/morning instead of sleeping.  There’s just so much that needs to be taken care of.  So much adult stuff.  Not many of the K’s can handle adult stuff, so I’ve got to hurry up and accomplish as much as is humanly possible before I go away again.  If only I knew how to control which one of us comes out when… wow…I’d be like a super hero! *mind wanders again*