The Good Daughter

Since she’s been mentioned in the blog before (I think the last post?)…This will be a blog post about one of the K’s, someone we’ve seen/been everyday for the past 4 years or so. She believes herself to be the most important K. The jury is still out on that. Although we must admit, she’s the most important one right now, this month.  She’s caring for our mother, whom she loves very much, and who is suffering from shingles at the moment.  She tells us that the pain is worse than that of childbirth.  It was this K who made all the phone calls to all the doctors and drugstores and relatives until she procured some pain medication for her mother, who refuses to let us take her to the hospital. (She really needs a shot of morphine or something). The doctor we took her to last week refuses to refill her Lortab prescription. The Good Daughter doesn’t trust doctors, in fact if she were capable of hate, it would be directed at doctors, because they let her daddy suffer for so many years. The Good Daughter was always Daddy’s little girl.

The Good Daughter has been with us for as long as we can remember, and she is the K that most (not all) of our family members know.  From a very early age, she’s been responsible for making important decisions (in the nature of what’s right and wrong), for being sociable to strangers, for making our family proud, and for maintaining our image as a “good girl”.  She comes out whenever we run into friends of our parents or people from church, or anyone who should believe us to be a moral, respectable, responsible young lady.  She usually shared co-consciousness with the smart K until we got to high school, then The Good Daughter went into hiding for several years, not returning until we were in college. Anyway, the rest of the K’s appreciate what The Good Daughter does-we couldn’t get by without her-but they think she’s too much of a wuss. TGD doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs of any kind.  She’s very sweet, and respectful, and affectionate.  She always says “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Sir” and she doesn’t curse.  She’s the K who usually meets parental figures (of our friends) for us, and they always seem to love her. It’s interesting to note that The Good Daughter has a very Southern (USA) accent whenever she’s with our mother. The rest of us hate that. I mean we really hate it; we think it makes us sound less intelligent. Thankfully, not all of the K’s have this accent.

The Good Daughter is young, but has aged over the years. I’m not sure exactly how old she is, but I’d guess she’s in her early 30’s.  She dresses modestly, meaning she doesn’t let any of K’s tattoos show and she doesn’t like anything tight or low-cut.  She is one of the few K’s who likes to dress in colors. (Most of us wear black)  She can be casual or professional, depending upon what the situation calls for.  She’s very practical, helpful, and dependable.  She’s quite a penny-pincher with money and likes to clip coupons and shop at thrift stores.  She is not materialistic, but she does appreciate nice things.  She mails cards on special occasions and reminds us to stay in touch with our friends via texts, emails, and phone calls.  Ironically, she does NOT hang out with our friends.

UPDATE: The Good Daughter took our mother to the Emergency Room, where she was given a shot of  Dilaudid for her excruciating pain.  We have been to the ER twice now.  Our mom is still very sick and in a lot of pain, but she’s found a new doctor whom we hope will help manage her pain.  Apparently this Shingles thing that Mom has can last for months.  We really don’t want our mother to suffer that long, but we are powerless to stop it.  All we can do is keep giving her medications, pain pills, and ice packs.  TGD is doing all she can to make our mother as comfortable as possible.

Today she went to the library and checked out a book about Shingles, in the hopes that her mom can read it and gain some insight into her affliction. Perhaps get a few tips on how to deal with the pain.  The Good Daughter comes and goes, but always comes out whenever we’re alone with our mother. Also when relatives show up, or repairmen or anyone who needs to speak with the “lady of the house”.  TGD is getting tired, as she’s been tending to Mom for several years now, but that is her job.  The purpose of The Good Daughter is to take care of our parents (she was the caregiver for our father for 2 years before he died) and make our family proud.  She often does the grocery shopping and pays the bills.  She answers the phone and makes appointments for dentists and whatnot.  She’s the responsible one, and K couldn’t survive without her.  The other K’s are very irresponsible, except for the smart one.

I don’t know what else to say about The Good Daughter.  She’s got the most important job out of all the K’s.  She is the most reliable, but even she can’t be on time for an appointment. We are always late due to our warped sense of time. TGD tries to keep up with time and takes a lot of notes about what needs doing when.  Sometimes we find notes left for us by TGD, telling us our errands for the day.  She’s a list-maker. None of the K’s can function without a list, instructing them what to do. We find lists everywhere, lists of all sorts of things.  What to do, who to call, where to go, what to buy, when to take meds, even when and what to eat. In fact, she’s telling me right now that it’s time to make tomorrow’s list of things which need to be done.  I guess we better listen to her, as she’s the one with all the common sense.