Conversations Inside My Head

we are overreacting. no, we are right. we are being melodramatic. no, just sensible. we need some space and peace and quiet. no more twitter. that’s just fucking stupid it’s our connection to the outside world. you talk to more people online than you do in real life. well that’s just fucking sad man. How pitiful.  No wonder our husband is upset with us. we spend all damn day and night on the laptop, blogging or writing or researching or tweeting or some fucking thing god only knows what.  first you get obsessed with facebook. now it’s twitter.  what the hell? just admit that you have a problem. FUCK YOU I don’t have a problem. This is my fucking life and i’ll live it how I want. If I want to pout, I’m going to pout. And you can’t stop me! i’m not giving it up completely, just temporarily. Just til things blow over. I think that’s already happened, you’re just stretching out the drama.  you fucking baby. stop behaving like this.  stop it NOW. you’re overly-sensitive and too easily upset, no we’re just moody.  well this is one hell of a moodswing. complete mental shutdown and social withdrawal because of the actions of one Tweep, and the inactions of another Tweep. Grow Up K!  Fuck! You’re making yourself look like a damn fool, a wimp, a cry baby. People aren’t gonna want to be your friend anymore cause you’re too damn sensitive.  Get the fuck over it, damn!  One of the two people you’re upset about has already sent you an apology.  So what the fuck is the problem? what about the other person? She doesn’t like us. So what if some bitch doesn’t like us? what the fuck do we care?you better be careful what you say-you never know who may be reading. oh hello paranoia, nice of you to join us, just chill the fuck out, all of you!!!you guys are really embarrassing me. people are looking at us. everybody’s staring. put your sunglasses on. no, it’s nighttime. fuck. well, who’s going to see you anyway? just drop it, can we please?? it’s no big deal. one of them was in a bad state of mind and probably wouldn’t normally be like that. the other girl we don’t even know and she might get hundreds of emails that all say the same thing. so i’m just a nobody. she’d never talk to me anyway. Stop it K! Go smoke a bowl or take a pill or something.  Damn! get a fucking grip. you’re way over the top. reel it in K. No danger here. relax. they’re not out to get you. just relax…there is no plot against you. no one cares about you that much you speck of dust! you’re nothing. no one. at least, no one important. Stop it! We’re a good person! K is really sweet and kind and FUCK YOU she’s a pushover I will NOT let you talk about us like that. We are doing quite well, thank you very much! Rant much? yes, yes we do. sorry. who are you apologizing to?! Be an adult. have a backbone. and SMILE for fuck’s sake. the world is not ending.