Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Trying to Remember, Trying to Heal

“There are some remedies worse than the disease.”  ~Publilius Syrus I fear this may apply to me.  I’ve been attempting, in therapy, to recover from my traumatic past.  I don’t believe that I… Continue reading

Diagnosis Timeline

WHEN I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH WHAT(yes, I know some of these are the same thing but with a  different name; I’ve seen about 13 different doctors) Manic Depression———————————————-Age 16 Anorexia Nervosa———————————————-Age 17 Major… Continue reading

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Paranoia wraps itself around me like a python, squeezing me tighter and tighter until it’s difficult to breathe.  I can’t shake it off.  Every little thing warrants suspicion and I see hidden agendas… Continue reading

Shut Up Already!

K has a big fucking mouth and she just will not shut up. God! She embarrasses us to death! She must drive everyone crazy with her ramblings. On and on. She never stops.… Continue reading

Not Too Early To Tweet

It’s 7:04 A.M. and I’m up with no one to talk to or nothing to do and I can’t make any noise or else we’ll wake somebody up so I can’t vacuum or… Continue reading

The Good Daughter

Since she’s been mentioned in the blog before (I think the last post?)…This will be a blog post about one of the K’s, someone we’ve seen/been everyday for the past 4 years or… Continue reading


We’ve been struggling.  We feel terribly guilty, but we can’t remember what it is we did wrong.  I can’t figure out who I’m supposed to be today.  The Good Daughter is taking care… Continue reading

The Criminal Returns

I’m back but can’t stay long.  I’m here because K got so mad she disappeared. I can come at anytime, anyplace. It happens without any warning signs whatsoever.  Anger boils over and erupts… Continue reading

Conversations Inside My Head

we are overreacting. no, we are right. we are being melodramatic. no, just sensible. we need some space and peace and quiet. no more twitter. that’s just fucking stupid it’s our connection to… Continue reading

Bad Twitter Vibes

We’re struggling today.  Something happened yesterday or last night (we think) or at the very least it was quite recently, and it’s upset us and we are unable to move on past this… Continue reading