An Apology To My Readers

I’m sitting here, and I’m reading over my last three blog posts, and I’m thinking to myself A) These are so  boring! and B) I sound like an arrogant bitch and C) I’m going to lose a lot of readers/followers.  So I’ve decided that you, dear readers, deserve an explanation as well as an apology.  First of all, you have to realize that I started this blog for myself, and then later my psychiatrist asked if we could use it in therapy, so it’s intended to be just a record of someone mental’s day to day life, no matter how mundane.  I wrote this for ME, to help me remember my symptoms and dissociative states.  It was not intended to be a source of information or entertainment (although if you find it entertaining, then that’s awesome).  The only thing, if anything, that I hoped to accomplish through this blog was to perhaps help someone out there not feel alone.  I’ve felt alone most of my life, and I know how hard that is. I hope that if anyone who reads this who has some sort of psych issues will find some comfort or reassurance or hope from my writing.  As for those of you who began reading my blog from the beginning, then you might have a better understanding of what this blog represents, as it is a record of my journey of self-discovery and (proper) diagnosis. It’s also a history lesson, collected memories which I need to have handy, details I would otherwise forget that are important to my recovery or life in general.  I’m rambling. Again.  And I don’t think I’ve even apologized yet.  Sorry, readers, that my blog has been dull lately. I promise to spice things up a bit soon. It shouldn’t be too hard–I missed over two weeks of meds recently and am expecting the aftermath at any time now.