Our Today

We went to the post office today, to mail some packages for Husband.  I was watching my body walk down the sidewalk when we encountered an elderly man with white hair.  He smiled and greeted us pleasantly.  I don’t know who said it, but someone spoke up and said “Hello! How are you?” and I could see a teeth-baring (but fake nonetheless) smile on our face.  It was so surreal, hearing the words come out of our mouth, knowing that I wasn’t speaking at all.  Everything snapped back to “normal” (whatever the hell that means) when I went inside the building and saw a friend of Husband’s; the proper K took over then.  Next thing I remember is the dog barking.  We are in the bedroom., and the dogs are both barking.  It’s loud.  I wish they’d be quiet.  I have some time to myself now… but who am I?  There is evidence that I’ve eaten lunch, and if I think really hard I can kindof see me eating sometime…was that today?  It’s more like it happened in a dream.  Husband will be home in 45 minutes; is that long enough to figure out who we are supposed to be?  We called our doctor to make an appointment, but the lady on the phone said she was out sick.  She told us that she would call K next week and let her know when to come in.  I’m really glad that we are going to see the doctor again; I have lots of questions for her.